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DJ Ryan A – or Ryan Annett as he’s known at home – started off DJing at the ripe age of 13. He recalls playing gigs from children’s birthday parties to the older generations showing their moves on the floor. The best part was wondering how he was getting the big speakers and boxes of records to the gigs, whilst at the gigs doing requests for people was the most nerve racking thing. After many years of doing private functions, Ryan thought it would be time to move on and take the next step on the ladder. Growing up, Ryan’s family had lived close to a very well-known DJ and former Cool FM presenter. He was the man who pointed Ryan in the right direction, giving him the opportunity to play my music in the local ice rink and bowling centre. There Ryan gained his confidence talk to the public over a microphone.


Ryan first got his first real feel for radio presenting at a local Belfast community radio station – Blast FM. After seeing advertisements for up and coming presenters to apply for a spot on their station, Ryan decided to apply and was given the break into radio that he needed. Ryan started with Blast, broadcasting his first ever live show, from 11am to 3pm midweek – the scariest feeling he could’ve imagined.


Alongside presenting on the local radio station, Ryan was also trying to make it in the Belfast club scene. This started with Ryan controlling the lights in a club on a Saturday night, alongside his current Cool FM colleague, Paul Kennedy. Ryan and Paul built up a friendship, and from this, Ryan had expressed what he wanted to do in life and with his career. Paul informed Ryan of opportunities that where arising within Cool FM. After annoying Paul with a few radio demos, Paul put in a good word at the station, leaving a demo for the bosses.


Three days later, Ryan received a call from Cool FM, asking him to visit the station for a quick chat. It seems the chat went very well, as Ryan was invited back to train on their systems. After months of training, Ryan got his big break – Christmas Day on the radio! It was the buzz of a lifetime – phone calls and texts were filling the screens in front of him. The nerves went out the window though, as Ryan know this was for him – he was on Northern Ireland’s biggest radio station!


From this point, Ryan took on the nightshift, playing music to all the nightshift listeners, clobbers and early risers. After a while, Ryan decided that he would like to take on his own show. After mentioning this to his boss, and proving that he could do it, they agreed to give Ryan his very own dance show – Cool Clubbin was born!


Ryan is currently on air with Cool FM every Friday night from 8PM until midnight with Friday Floorfillers, Saturday night from 6PM until 9PM with Cool Clubbin’, and again on a Sunday afternoon from 3PM to 4PM with Future Hits.


You can also find Ryan at many other clubs, playing guest spots from time to time.